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From 2018, we offer our Social Architect Training (Fundamental and Advanced) in English!

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We have four years of experience in testing this unique training concept and delivering the curriculum in German-speaking countries.Thanks to the valuable feedback from the participants as well as the regular evaluations by the trainer team, we have constantly improved the educational program and adapted it both to the needs of the people and to the requirements of the rapidly changing environment.

The positive feedbacks and request from the European area have encouraged us to provide this training to a larger group of interested people.

For this reason, we will not offer any training in German in 2017 as we want to dedicate ourselves to transferring the training curriculum to the international context as well as to designing new modules.

We warmly recommend to all interested parties to complete the SDi certification course as it builds a deep foundation for the Social Architect Training and will also give you direct access to Part 2 of it.

Overview of the Curriculum.

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