Social Architect international – Course Overview

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Empowering you to contribute with your unique gifts to the global transition.


  • Developing awareness of regenerative design principles and patterns.
  • Building competences that support life-affirming designs in the inner and outer dimensions.
  • Supporting you to build a Social Architect Community of Practicing
“Regenerative systems create conditions conducive to life, nurturing díversity and complexity characterized by mutually supportive relationships that build resilience, adaptive capacity and transformability throughout the system as a whole”. Designing Regenerative Cultures. Daniel Christian Wahl.

All parts consist of both online modules and / or on-site seminars (blended learning)


Open mind

PART 1 Social Architect : Big Picture and introduction to the integral field




Online Introductory Modules, 5 x 120 Min:

  • The Story of our Evolution
  • Integral Team Building
  • First- and Second Tier Learning Environment
  • Evolutionary Leadership  and Emotional Intelligence
  • Ego – Essence – Universal Self

One-day Seminar “Introduction to Spiral Dynamics integral” :

  • Introduction to the theory of Prof. Clare Graves
  • Core principles of the Spiral
  • Overview of the eight Levels of consciousness
  • Expression of the levels in the history and today
  • Healthy and and unhealthy manifestations
  • Practical example

Pre requisite: None

Open HeartPART 2 Social Architect: Bringing one´s spiral into Balance – emotionally and energetically




                    OPEN HEART



Two-days Seminar: The Spiral in Balance

  • The story of one´s personal spiral journey
  •  Assessing one´s memetic levels through intuitive perception and values test
  • Diagnosis of strenghts and dysbalance in the own value systems
  • The Impact of our memetic profile on empowerment and interrelatedness
  • Developing strategies for harmonizing one´s memetic potential

Online Training Follow-up –  In self-organization:

  • Via a virtual Tool (i.e. Practify App) the trainees are invited and stimulated to practice on a regular basis the skills addressed during the on-site seminar.
  • Take responsibility for the dynamics of one’s Spiral
  • Monitoring progress

Pre requisite: Part 1 Social Architect  (Open Mind) or SDi Certification Course or Certification Social Architect Fundamental

Open WillPART 3 Social Architect: Evolutionary Designing




Online Course 6 x 120 Min and Practical Application : 

  • Organizational development and Teal Organizations
  • Essential Self, Higher Purpose and  one´s „Call“
  • Universal Self and working with the Wheel of co-creation
  • Experiencing a collective trans-personal space (Vistar)
  • Evolutionary Leadership and spiritual intelligence
  • Presentation of group projects and celebration

Group Projects based on real life cases throughout the online class

Working collaboratively across edges—with ongoing learning and development sourced from the diversity that exists there— is transformative for both the communities where the exchanges are happening and for the individuals involved.

Two-days Seminar: Experiencing Meshwork Technology:

Working on a concrete complex issue, we:

  • Identify needs and value systems of all stakeholders
  • Map resources
  • Assess critical fields
  • Formulate an overarching goal
  • Integrate Power, Influence, Authority
  • Set up process and structure in a functional flow

Pre requisite: Part 1 and 2 Social Architect or SDi Certification and Part 2 Social Architect (Open Heart) or Certification Social Architect Fundamental and Part 2 Social Architect (Open Heart)

Beyond Ego

PART 4 Social Architect: Intuition and Sensitiveness




2x two-days Seminar:
Exploring Trans-personal Dimensions and work with them

  • Our Body as a resonance field
  • Connecting with intuition on a daily basis
  • Cultivating Awareness
  • Creating and holding a “Higher We” field in interrelatedness
  • Sensing and using subtle energies

Pre requisite: Good state of Health, Emotional maturity –Conversation with one of the Trainer

Social Architect Community of Practicing (SoArCo).

Beyond the education Program we thrive to inspire and co-create an evolutionary community of engaged social architects who are open for self-transformation processes as well as willing to initiate and conduct concrete projects in all societal fields, according to their passion and unique skills. Such a Social Architect Community of Practicing already exists in German-speaking countries and has organically emerged in self-organization and with our support out of the online courses of the past four years.