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PREVIEW: The Center For Human Emergence D.A.CH is thrilled to feature:

International Free Telesummit

October, 26 – November, 1 2017 

Good News! They are among us…
The Designers of the Emerging Future!


 As global transformation accelerates, more and more people are called to participate in creating a more conscious world. The models and structures that once served society well now appear outdated and in desperate need of change. The awareness of this fundamental global shift is increasing over time.

Awareness is a first necessary step for inducing transformation, yet, it needs more.

 Our passion is to support those people who feel called to take action in facilitating and co-creating this great shift to a regenerative world.

With the “Designers of the Emerging Future” we invite you to join an inspiring field of international activists from different societal fields who are engaged in this global shift in consciousness.

Through these life-affirming narratives we strive to inspire you as you feel the connection between the emerging future, the creative impulse and one´s higher purpose.

By highlighting on the intersection between inner dimension and outer engagement of the speakers we make it easier to recognize the overarching principles and the competencies underlying such a way of being and working. With this we aspire to encourage you to release your creative force for designing your own path.

The summit features evolutionary activists, who will be offering insights, new research, practices in the fields of Leadership, Arts, New Technology, Social Media, Education, Architecture, Societal Evolution… This lineup of practitioners includes:

  • Daniel Eppling,  Board of Krauthammer Consulting, France
  • Mariana Carranza, Video Artist and Architect, Urugay/Germany
  • Terence Kohler, Choreograph, Dancer, Australian
  • Jean Clauteaux, Co-Founder UriJami, Venezuela/France
  • Dr. Markus Molz, Alliance for the Future, Luxembourg
  • Bence Ganti, Integral Psychologist, large-scale Evolution, Hungary
  • Anja Wagner, Transformational Education, Germany
  • Andrea, Harding, “S7 Foundation”, Foundation of synergistic co-creation,UK / USA

and more…

This is going to be an extraordinary 7 days, offering you a unique opportunity to experience the many dimensions of active commitment to a global transition.

We´ll start registration in July.